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Denham Fisher

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OO, us
About me:
Dedicated angler in pursuit of largemouth bass.
Favorite Music:
The Marshall Tucker Band The Charlie Daniels Band. Actually, anything country. Steely Dan Ted Nugent
Favorite TV Shows:
House. Raw. The Good Wife. The CSI's. Especially Los Angeles. The O'Reilly Factor. Survivor. The Mentalist. Army Wives. Hannity Any Fishing show thats on at the time.
Favorite Movies:
King Kong 1933 and 2005 Reign On Me Wyatt Earp Jaws Iron Man
Favorite Books:
The Bible.  by GodWyatt Earp, Frontier Marshall  by Wyatt Earp Going rouge, the story of an American life   by Sarah Palin  
Favorite Quotes:
"You talk to much to be a fighting man." Wyatt Earp "Make a fishin' pact, - don't ever stop." Me "I used to, but I don't anymore." Me "Well than, why don't you speak up, dammit."  My father

to all the protesters, picketers, et al, who voted for President Obama. You know, the ones who believed him when he said he'd pull the troops out of Iraq. Why are you suddenly so silent? They're still there. C'mon Senators Kennedy, Reed, and all who belived President Obama. C'mon Nancy Pelosi. Were you just happy to get your candidate elected?

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Places to visit before you turn 100

The Statue of Liberty.
Ground Zero.
The Empire State Building.
The Liberty Bell.
The Smithsonian.
Washington DC.
The Blue Ridge Mountains.
South Carolina - Myrtle Beach and Santee-Cooper - Lakes Marion and Moultrie.
South Florida - including the Everglades.

My favorite brands

Abu-Garcia. Stren. Arbogast (Jitterbugs and Hula-Poppers).

People I look up to

Jesus Christ.
My Wife 
Our military - veterans or those currently serving.
President George W. Bush.
President Ronald Reagan.
Wyatt Earp.
Two of the greatest heavyweight champions that ever lived. Rocky Marciano and Smokin' Joe Frazier.

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